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Hand-painted murals are a great way to enhance the decor of any room.  Great for day cares, churches, businesses, children's bedrooms and nurseries, beach houses and family rooms...the colorful artwork will create an atmosphere of fun or setting of artistic beauty.   I am willing to work on ceilings as well as walls.  Each mural project completed  is unique and I will work with you to create and express your decorative ideas.   I am based in Decatur, AL but will travel to areas in Alabama and Delaware (I visit my family there and can arrange for jobs when I am in town).  Please contact to discuss your project and receive a free estimate on the work you wish to have done.   In your contact, please include the following information:   size and height of wall area, your location, and ideas for theme or design.   If you are uncertain about what you want, artist can provide ideas.   Look forward to working with you on your special project!  Click to enlarge images below.

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Sunflower Mural with Dogs

(Above) Sunflower and Strawberry themed mural in bathroom and adjoining laundry room, including pet portraits!  Click Here to See More of This!

Ceiling Mural-Large Flower
Click Here 
for other views of ceiling flower, stem and leaves!
Flowers and Butterflies Mural

(Above) Small decoration above patio door.

Whimsical Tree Mural
(Above) Whimsical Tree Mural
Close-up of Tree
Beach Mural 
(Above) Mural at the old Shaggy's Restaurant
on Main Street in Newark, Delaware
Enchanted Forest Mural
(Above) Enchanted Forest Mural in Nursery
Click Here to See More of This
Caricature Mural 
(Above) Caricature Mural for Playroom
Close-up of Caricature Mural
Caricature Mural
(Above) Caricature Mural for Playroom
Close-up of Caricatures
Snoopy Mural 

Snoopy Mural in 
Baby Nursery
Palm Tree Mural 
Click to Enlarge Palm Tree
Painted Ivy on Wall 
Click to Enlarge Ivy
Jesus and Kids Mural 
(Above) Mural of Jesus with Children
St. John's U.M. Church (Elkton, Maryland)
Garden Flowers Mural 
(Above) Garden Mural
Click Here to See More of This
Tropical Mural 
(Above) Mural at the old Shaggy's Restaurant
on Main Street in Newark, Delaware
Tropical Mural 
(Above) Tropical Mural
Click Here to See More of This
Painted Logo Mural 
(Above)  Logo Mural in Conference Room
Corn Products, Newark, Delaware
Sun painted mural on ceiling 
(Above) Ceiling mural -- sun, clouds, butterflies,
bees and a plane!
  Close-up of Ceiling Mural
Alphabet Mural 
(Above) Alphabet Mural in Home Day Care
See More
Tuscan Window Mural 
(Above) Tuscan Mural in 
Doctor's Waiting Room
Painted Flower on Ceiling Mural 
(Above) Ceiling Flower in Foyer
Painted Mural on Glass Window 
(Above) Window Mural Painted on Glass
Newark Natural Foods Store
Beach Mural with Pink Flamingo 
(Above) Pink Flamingo Beach Mural
Click Here to See More of This
Princess Mural 
(Above) Princess Mural
Click Here to See More of This
Beach Mural 
Outdoor Mural on Privacy Fence Near Pool
Painted Toy Box 
(Above) Painted Toy Box
Click Here to See More of This
Baptistry Church Mural 
(Above) Baptistry Mural
Newark Church of Christ, Delaware
Close-ups of Baptistry Mural

(Right) Hand-Painted Decorative Sconce
Close-up of Sconce

Painted Sconce Mural
Decorative painting Roses 
(Above) Decorative Roses Painted on Trash Can
Baptistry Mural Jordan River Dove Artwork 
(Above) Baptistry Mural
King's Memorial United Methodist Church
Decatur, Alabama
Close-ups of Baptistry Mural

Wall Lettering, Wall Calligraphy and Stenciling  

 Sign Painting


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