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Rates for Caricatures at Parties

There’s no better way to add extra fun to a party or other special event than to have an artist doing live caricatures of your guests. Whether a birthday, Christmas or retirement party, company picnic, family reunion, or other special event, the artist will work with you to plan her caricature services to fit your needs. The cost of booking an event is based on the artist’s hourly rate. Artist will discuss different caricature options with client based on the number of guests expected. Party caricature options include black-and-white or color work, front views or profile views, face-only or with body, and pre-designed theme or logo sheets.

Artist charges an hourly rate of $125 with a 2-hour minimum, or $150 for 1-hour only. An additional travel fee may apply, depending on the distance of the event. Artist is also available for fund-raising events such as school fun fairs and can discuss payment options suitable for this type of event. Output is subject to continuous flow of seated guests to draw. Artist can also arrange for additional caricaturists at the event.

The number of guests I can draw per hour depends on the type of caricature desired.  Please refer to the list below for  approximate drawings per hour.

 Black and White, Head Only :                   8-16 individuals per hour

Color, Head Only:                                      6-12 individuals per hour

  Black and White, Full Body:                     5-10 individuals per hour

  Color, Full Body:                                        3-8 individuals per hour

We can also create a unique 'Theme Sheet' prior to your event.  Using a photocopied body and “gag” (humorous activity and props) that relates to the theme of the party, the individual guest’s face is then drawn onto the body on the pre-copied theme sheet. This is especially fun for children’s birthday party.  For example, every child could have their caricature dressed for a safari with wild animals for a jungle theme, or every little girl could be a ballerina or princess. Logo sheets can also be used in a similar way to commemorate corporate parties or other special events. A company’s logo, slogan or other related “visual” can be used at the bottom of each paper, and the individual’s face-only drawn onto the logo sheet at the party.  

Rates For Studio Gift Caricatures From Photos

Studio Caricatures from photos make great surprise gifts for most any occasion--birthdays and Christmas, retirements, employee recognitions, new home or baby, grandparent’s or Valentine’s Day, weddings or anniversaries, and other unique special occasions! Caricatures can be used as creative advertising for business cards, flyers, logos, special events, etc. Caricatures may be duplicated and turned into unique items such as cards, magnets or framed pieces for multiple gift-giving ideas.

For a Studio Caricature from a photo, client supplies a photo of suitable quality for the artist to work from, along with details about the subject’s life or interests. Together, the artist and client come up with the caricature’s setting and gag idea. Often the client has the idea and knows exactly how they want the caricature to be--they just need the artist’s hand to bring it to creation! Caricature work from photos is more planned and customized than the party caricature and is done with  pen-and-ink and watercolor.

 Black Pen With Watercolor:   $185.00 for one person, plus $100.00 per additional person in same picture, includes 16 X 20 white matte

Custom orders requiring a substantial amount of extra detail work may be priced higher. Custom colored matting and framing is available at an additional cost. Exact quotations are available upon request.               

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