Eileen Slifer Caricature Artist Delaware
Inquiries for Studio Caricatures From Photos
or Live Drawing at Parties (please specify)

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For Party (Live Event) Caricatures:

Please specify your event hours and date, the type of caricature desired (black and white or color,  head only or full body), the need for a prepared theme sheet, and the location of your event.  Please include any other pertinent information you can think of, as this helps us greatly in our preparation.  We thank you for your interest, and will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible!

For Studio (From Photo) Caricatures:

Please describe the photos and other working references which you will supply, give detailed description of your ideas and specific items you wish to include in the drawing, specify how many additional people and/or animals will be included in the drawing and whether they are to be main figures (larger, more detail) or background figures.  Specify the size desired and what medium you are interested in having the caricature completed in, whether you want it matted and framed, the date you need it by and the date you would be able to actually place the order if you accept the quotation. You will receive a response from the artist within the next few days.  If you intend to order, please retain artist's e-mail quote to later accompany your e-mail or mail-in order.  Thank you.


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