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Shipping Instructions

Bouquet preservation is something that you need to pre-plan, especially if you are not local to Alabama and will need to ship the bouquet to the artist.  It is recommended that you purchase your shipping container prior to the wedding and perhaps put a close friend or relative in charge of getting your bouquet after the reception and taking it to be shipped on the first business day after your wedding (typically Monday).  I like to know the name and contact info of the person responsible for getting the bouquet to me, in the event it does not arrive at the expected time.

Please keep your bouquet refrigerated in water until it can be delivered or shipped to me.  For shipping, the bouquet will need to have the stems/handle put into a plastic tight-fitting bag with moist paper towels.   Leave all pins and ribbon intact.  You should purchase a Styrofoam cooler big enough to fit the bouquet, and some ice packs.  Please put packing around the bouquet such as paper towels to take up space and hold in place, however do not use plastic bags to take up space because they attract the moisture from the ice packs (condensation) and can cause flowers to spoil with wetness. The bouquet should be placed in the foam container with ice packs and taped securely shut.  The cooler should be put into a cardboard box and you should arrange to ship "overnight" to me (or 2nd day guaranteed delivery).  You can select whether to send via UPS or FedEx.   There are also shipping centers which would be able to package your bouquet with ice, etc. although the cost of their service will be higher than if you plan to do it yourself.  I would recommend contacting such a center if you are interested in getting a pre-estimate of having them do this for you.   In the event your flowers do not make it to me in a condition in which I can preserve them, I will refund any deposit made.   You should mail the invitation or photos separately to me (if they are to be incorporated) so they will not get damp.  You may also include the boutonniere in any of the pieces sized for bridal bouquets.

If you are doing bridesmaid keepsakes, please discuss ahead of time how many pieces to be done and how many bridesmaid bouquets will be required.  For example, for 4-5 pieces that are small (5 x 7) it may only require 1-2 bouquets, depending on types of flowers.

Please keep in mind that it is essential to get the flowers to me in the quickest, safest way before they begin to wilt and turn brown.   Colored flowers will typically last longer than white flowers, if you are choosing between overnight or 2nd day service.  Orchids, hydrangeas, and stephanotis are very perishable and should be sent in the fastest way.   For local customers you may bring them directly to my studio.  I will also meet someone partway for pickups for an additional fee (in lieu of you paying to ship overnight), depending on the distance, as the ideal method of delivery is by hand rather than shipping.

Please ship bouquets to:
Eileen Slifer Sunstrom
25480 County Road 460
Trinity, AL  35673

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